A Little about My Links

A little about my Links

Artisan Sweets– This is a really well done food blog. The photos really pop and the prose is well written. Here is a writer who shares her life through her love of desserts.

Blackfish– This restaurant is the creation of two very talented Drexel alumni, Charles Roman and Ashley Hess. Blackfish is spectacular, and Ashley is a dear and appreciated friend.

Becks and Posh-This food blog is so cute. I love the idea of this couple exploring food together; it reminds me a little of my own life, and I really enjoy the European insights.

Cake Monger– Here is a talented young pastry cook making some marvelous cakes in San Francisco. His blog puts me in such awe!

Chef Chris– A fountain of knowledge and a thorough and motivating instructor, Chef Chris Koch really impacted my experience at Drexel University. I try to carry the lessons and skills he taught me as I move forward with my culinary career.

Christina Cooks– Christina Pirello has been such an inspiration and source of support for me. Her website just touches on the many amazing things she does! I am so thankful to have her in my life.

Curious Cook– Harold McGee is somewhat of an expert on the science of food and cooking. His website is a plethora of information and a wonderful resource.

Dirt Cake– This is the food blogger who inspired me to start a blog myself. A wonderful source of inspiration and often a partner in crime on adventures or recipe testing, Miss Katzie is true friend and a gifted pastry cook.

Dori Greenspan– This is a wonderful blog about an American living in Paris and her cooking adventures there.

Drexel University Culinary Arts– My alumna mater, Drexel University taught me my basic culinary skills as well as a love for the city of Philadelphia, introduced me to a great cheese steak and an appreciation for Bon Jovi.


Farrah Olivia– I spent a six-month internship working with Pastry Chef Leon Baker and Chef Morou Ottawa. The work they are doing at Farrah Olivia is outstanding, and I cherish the knowledge they instilled in me.

Matt’s Bites– This is one of my favorite food blogs. Matt Armendariz is not only a magnificent photographer but also a great writer and his love for food really shines through in his dedication for this blog.

Providence-I am currently working at this wonderful one star Michelin restaurant learning a whole new ball game under pastry chef Adrian Vasquez.

Presidential Catering– Jennifer Mandracchia is the gifted pastry chef of this catering company. She is always eager to answer a pastry question, and is often a collaborator on recipe ideas.

Sherry Yard– During my time at Spago Beverly Hills, the talented Chef Sherry Yard taught me many of the basics of pastry arts.

Spago Beverly Hills– I spent fifteen months working at Spago Beverly Hills learning the ins and outs of a grand fine dining restaurant with some of the nation’s top chefs.


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