The Books of the Cook

The Books of The Cook

Piles of magazines lay stacked in my room. Wednesday is the day for a trip to the newspaper stand for the food section of the LA and New York Times, which inevitably means buying whichever food magazines I don’t already have. I regularly read to the obvious ones: Gourmet, Bon Appetite, and Savuer, the magazines that everyone reads. Then I have my special ones: Donna Hay, Olive, Vogue Australia: Entertaining + Travel, and then of course my guilty pleasures. Martha Stewart Weddings because everything is so beautiful, and La Cucina Italia, because I love Italy so much. On top of that are the ten or so sections of the Washington Post food section that my mother sends every few months, along with the National Restaurant Association e-mail I get three times a week, the Gourmet e-mail I get once a week and the handful of food blogs I try to stay current with. And then there are books, my true love. With every chef turning writer and every writer turning chef, lord knows when a girl is supposed to have time to read all that culinary prose out there. But with a spare moment during my break, sitting in the alleyway outside of work, the odd day off spent on the beach, or the spurt of energy late at night, tucked into bed with a book, somehow the masses eventually all are read.



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