A Photo Day in Vegas: Chocolates and the Strip

A Day In Vegas: Chocolates and the Strip

The Vegas Strip

The Vegas Strip

Elaborate Cakes

Elaborate Cakes line the Halls of the glorious Wynn


Chocolates at the Wynn

Pastries at the Wynn

Pastries and Chocolates at The Wynn Patisserie

Macron Tree

Macron Tree at the Wynn

Blue Cheese Crusted Steak

Seafood Pealla

Dinner at Spago Las Vegas: Blue Cheese Encrusted Steak and Seafood Pealla

Chocolates at VosgesChocolates at Vosges

Vosges Chocolate Shop at Caesars Palace

Fountain at Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace Fountain


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  1. 1

    Aaron Blohowiak said,

    I thought that steak looked moldy — but it was just bleu cheese (whew!)

    When are we going to see some recipes out of that there head of yours!??

  2. 2

    Kat Sacks said,

    No mold on my steak! Check out today’s post for pictures of a glorious birthday cake I made!

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