About Me

Ever since my first try at baking when I was five, which unsuccessfully resulted in a ruined black pan and a very upset mother, I have loved food. Try as my mother might to ban me from the kitchen, I grew up at the stove, throwing things together to make my own recipes. From cakes that never rose, icings that stuck to the roof of your mouth, dressings with no flavor, and cookies that were either too lacy or hard as a brick, I was always trying something. My Barbie cookbook was my best friend; I made the peanut butter cookies time and time again with my “secret” touch, a Hershey’s kiss pushed into the center. On rainy days, I would pour through my mother’s cookbook collection, looking to early Martha Stewart, Better Homes and Gardens, and family heirlooms to keep me entertained. School projects always had to do with food. I remember water coloring an alphabet book on fruits and vegetables and making an ambrosia salad as a book report for Driving Miss Daisy. The daughter of an army officer, I was lucky enough to spend nine years of my childhood in Germany and my family traveled extensively. From tasting the real deal puff pastry in a Parisian patisserie, seeing Parmigiano Reggiano made in Parma, and drinking German beer along the Rhine, I have seen and done things already in my life that people twice my age never dream to.

Of course, I am no expert. I am merely a culinary scholar, a gourmand hoping to use each new home to grow, learn, explore, and always eat. I started this blog because my passion is food and I love to share that passion and my adventures with others. Each post is a new lesson learned, a new challenge faced, a new food tried, a life lived for food. La Vita Cucinare.

Picking Strawberries with my sister MelanieBeing a Messy Kid Eating Cake


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